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Hot Drinks
Prep: 5 mins
Make: 10 mins
Total: 15 mins
[1 Serving]


  1 / 2 stick raw cocoa bar,

item substitutions:

* 4 tbspscocoa powder
1 cup water,
2 tbsps condensed milk,
1 dash nutmeg
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Homemade memories in tea form

You remember when you used to drink chocolate tea before school? Well, I had a little piece and had a craving for it so decided to share how my grandma makes it.

cocoa tea
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Boil it and dash in some milk

1) Grate the nutmeg, and cocoa stick.

2) boil for 5 mins, add in condensed milk.

3) strain, let cool 2 mins.

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with your favorite breakfast

cocoa tea close
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