Cleaning tropical fish

What’s Needed? 1) sharp knife2) 1/2 lime per fish Its not so hard or long to clean fish, it can be done in 4 simple steps! step 1: scale better step 2: clean guts step 3: wash with lime step 4: check... Read more


Wah Gwaan!

Welcome to dihislands.  This is a site dedicated to the food and culture of the Caribbean islands of Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and more! Here you will find a collection recipes from all those islands a few stories and videos... Read more



On the tree some people never see coconut trees but its good to know where things come from no? It grows on massive trees growing upwards of 300 feet sometime. Coconuts come in bunches so don’t just pick one! Jelly Coconut When... Read more