The islands of Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and more share so much culture and language but most important: food.  Here you will find a collection recipes from all those islands; food and products that you can buy to make some of your favorite dishes; and a few stories and videos of the culture. The cultures of the Caribbean are rich and some of the food date back hundreds of years. Indigenous peoples like the Taino Indians and the Arawak group we know in Jamaica, were among the known groups. Indians had a special way of cooking many things like Jerk Chicken and some of those traditions live on to this day! This website is dedicated to preserving that tradition and culture.

So what to do about it then, how to preserve these foods? A book—no its the 21st centruy —a website! Why now? well, I love eating and I wanted to bring some of that joy to others.  It’s always my pleasure to show and or share how I do my jerk or fried chicken. This sharing seemed not to be so easy since all of the Jamaican and other recipes weren’t quite measured out.  So then we started a journey to make sure that we can preserve our culture and favorite recipes by making them and recording them.  A few friends from other islands joined in and all of sudden it wasn’t only Jamaican food. It was born: food from dihislands. 

We at dihislands, have food and culture from Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, and other islands on proud display. Food is an important part of island life because most of these traditional recipes found on the site are using ingredients mostly grown and found in the Caribbean or southeast Asia.  Knowing that some of our people live in the USA and might not have access to some of these recipes, or a relative in the islands that can show them how to make that special dish they miss. You are who we are making this website for, someone that wants a taste of Caribbean food and culture but can’t necessarily go there for it.