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Desserts and Treats, Traditional
Prep: 30 mins
Make: 4 hrs
Total: 4 hrs and 30 mins
[6 Servings]
Equipment needed:


4 fresh dry coconuts,

item substitutions:

* 3 cupsdiced dry coconuts
1 & 1 / 2 cups brown sugar,
  1 / 2 cup ginger,
1 tbsp nutmeg
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Break open and separate coconuts from the shell. Then cut them into strips, and then little squares. Try to make them even sized chunks, it will make cooking easier and more even. Wash and peel ginger.

coconut drops cutting
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An 8 quart dutch pot should be the right size to keep all these ingredients. On high heat, fill pot with 3/4 of the way with water. Add coconuts, 1/2 the ginger crushed and 3/4 cup of browns sugar. Boil for 4 hours adding water when the level is below half of pot. 

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coconut drops pot

After 4 hours boiling do not add any water. Grate in ginger, and nutmeg. Add in remaining sugar and wait for it to reduce. Leave the pot uncovered and on high heat. 

Once it’s reduced and starts to form sugar “strings” when stirring, then it’s ready to turn off fire and “drop” immediately. 

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Dropping is just picking a spoonful of the mixture and dropping it on a piece of parchment paper or banana leaf until it cools and hardens. If you followed along you will have 10-12 these beautiful babies.

coconut drops
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