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Desserts and Treats
Prep: 5 mins
Make: 35 mins
Total: 40 mins
[4 Servings]

you can substitute the raisins for nearly any other dried out (preserved) fruit.


  1 / 2 cup raisins,
  1 / 4 cup craisins,
  1 / 3 cup overproof white rum,
1 cup wine,
2 tbsps brown sugar,
dash cinnamon
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This is a great snack by itself or in ice cream for a more adult treat like; or a nice spiked spice bun.

You start by heating the raisins and craisins in a small pot with a tight lid. Using the cup of wine and bring your fruits to a slow boil.  Stir to get the fruits to expand and absorb some of the wine. Add in the sugar to create a syrup and reduce until it’s 1/4 inch of wine or 3/4 of it have been absorbed or evaporated. 

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Remove from the fire and let cool for 15 minutes. It’s recommended to put this in a glass mason jar so its an airtight jar, and glass. Spoon the mixture into a jar, poor rum over and mix, close the jar tight.  Let sit overnight. 

Enjoy a spoonful on top your favorite cake or put in rum and raisin ice cream!

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