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Modern Classics
Prep: 15 mins
Make: 10 mins
Total: 25 mins
[2 Servings]
Equipment needed:
cast iron skillet


3 cups Casava,
1 stick butter,
1 dash salt
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Peel and cut up casava into sizes you can handle. Grate with a medium grater, not too fine. Using your hands, mix in the salt and try to evenly distribute it.

grated casava
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pressed bammy

Get a skillet and put a dollop of butter in there on low heat. It’s important you don’t burn the oil and steam the bammy slowly. Start to place mixture in your molds. Press with presser or fingers to form a bammy cake. Keeping the fire on low, let it steam until golden brown on both sides. Flip cake and add butter as needed.

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